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Tobacco Odor Removal Bentley Motors

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20 Sun 2019 Comments: 10

Odor Removal Tobacco Case Study: Bentley Motors USA

In January 2019, Master Odor Removal successfully completed an odor removal service at Bentley Motors in North Atlanta. While we service Bentley / Rolls Royce across the US, this dealership was special for a few reasons WHY? The same General Manager Sidney Barron had been at the location for 30 years and this is the largest single store by volume in the country!

Sidney had seen it all with outside vendors approaching the dealership for odor removal services in addition to the inside detail department’s efforts to remove mostly tobacco, cigar, and musty odors that are especially hard to removal fully- due in part to the thick materials / wool used in the carpeting, mats, and headliners.

They could not find a reliable odor removal service – until Master Odor Removal! 

While they offer and use their own proprietary Presidential Detail, which involves deep cleaning of the carpets and full leather conditioning, they still have odor removal issues in the used Bentley / Rolls Royce inventory!

They refused to use ozone machines, as they had bad results in the past and knew of the risks of compounding liability to the synthetic materials and warranty would be voided. Bentley Motors management also were aware of the potential of a Non-Disclosure lawsuit from using a toxic gas, from the employees or a customer test driving the vehicles -so they were very receptive to our unique Patent-Pending 2-Step process and that we are a Green Certified business.

We just used our standard and proven process and treated a “tobacco smoker” used Bentley Flying Spur, treating the headliner, seats, mats, carpeting and trunk. We also treated the air conditioning unit and filled the vehicle with our unique fog that penetrates at .15 microns, leaving no residue or trace behind after drying.

  • Tar from 3RD hand smoke and Fabreze cover-up was remediated and air quality tested.
  • Air Conditioning was serviced with 2ND Step Process.
  • Time was of the essence and discretion is paramount, to minimize the dealerships turnaround protocols and was able to sell the vehicle instead of wholesaling it.
  • Master Odor Removal’s professionalism, approach and technical expertise enabled the dealership to bring Master Odor Removal in-house as their official odor removal vendor at this location.

Therefore, unlike competing technologies which address odor problems with gas solutions such as ozone that typically increase the possibility of adding additional odors and not solving the primary odor concern; Master Odor Removal’s unique inspection protocols and subsequent application of our 2-Step Molecular process effectively offsets any additional client costs while simultaneously increasing the expected odor removal we guarantee. 

20 Sun 2019

Comments Comments: 10


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