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MOR knows real estate. Let’s face it, your home is your domain. You also have the right to protect everyone who lives with you from bad odors! We get it, there are times when you need to get things back to “neutral”!

Whether you own, manage, rent or have decided to sell -it is our goal to make sure every home interior we service (and we service a lot of real estate) is professional, quick and effective the 1st time! Call us today for a free estimate – we make it affordable to have your peace of smell back!

These are the top ten odors real estate experts say will turn off buyers and renters alike!

· Cigarette smoke
· Cat urine
· Dog odors
· Other pet odors
· Musty
· Pungent cooking odors – garlic, onions, curry
· Stale smoky downdrafts from the fireplace
· Decaying organic material from various potential sources
· Unwanted critters – skunks, stinkbugs
· Human odors – stinky shoes, body odor, dirty diapers, urine

*We do not service mattresses, clothing, and some furnishings or guarantee odor removal if recommended suggestions for replacement on inspection are not adhered to there are mitigating circumstances where odor cause is not reachable or there is a reintroduction of the odor after treatment.


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Name:Robert Thompson

Date:17 Aug 2015



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