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Odor Removal Home-Based Business Opportunity

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19 Mon 2016 Comments: 0

Proven business opportunity. Licensing – NOT A FRANCHISE! Odor neutralization / elimination services.
Direct to auto dealerships, homeowners, and commercial properties. Turn key start-up with no advertising expenses. We launch + train you at your location for three days to start your book of business fast!

Keep your profits – No Royalty Fees

Your revenue is 100% your business – No Accounting Oversight

No daily or monthly paperwork – Go Home and Relax

No special vehicle requirements – Use What You Drive Now

No advertising costs required – Referrals Happen Fast

Build real equity – Big Zip Code Protected Territories

Expect Success – Customers are Desperate for Reliable Odor Elimination Vendors

Trust in our Patent Pending Process – Our 100% Guarantee Speaks Volumes

Build Your Business – Make “Neutral” the Only Scent Standard in Your Market

Have Fun – Tobacco, Marijuana, Pet, and Food Odors are a Quick and Easy Fix

Business Details

Start-Up Costs: $29K-$49K

Type(s) of business: Licensor

Type of Business Comments: Licensing with protected territories.

Is Business “MOBILE” (home-based, most work performed outside of home)?: Yes

Can Business Be Operated Part-Time?: Yes

Foreign Locations Offered: Canada / Mexico / Europe / China / South America

Training Comments: Training provided including manuals, online and headquarters.

Support Comments: Support provided including technical and sales leads.

Additional Listing Comments: Be Your Own Boss in an Our Easy to Run and Unique Home-based Business


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