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At Master Odor Removal, we believe that good health and positive experiences come from a neutral or odor free interior environments. When you are in the odor removal business, you take quick notice of actions or situations that seem almost innate instances of not being green. We like to think that every day is Earth Day. We had never thought we were “green” even though we have sourced the manufacturing of materials for our chemicals from proactive sources and in recyclable bottles. Our product is water diluted, non-toxic, non-staining, non-ionic, non-carcinogenic and hypo-allergenic. We use only micro-fiber cloths to clean up, and use whenever possible electronic billing statements. We strive to use post-consumer recycled materials. During the course of our licensees servicing interiors for odor removal issues we have zero trash. Since we are a home-based business, we do have to commute to a brick and mortar location so there is no duplicitous carbon footprint to operate our business. Real estate professionals and auto dealerships, and the general public for the most part only knew that if they had a tobacco, pet or food odor problem they had to resort to hiring a maid service for a deep house cleaning or auto detailing without any guarantees regarding chemicals used or real effectiveness. With all the new science studies regarding the real toxic nature of retail chemicals used as air fresheners and cover-ups, we realized we were already a “green” company and also in-line with green practices which has added to our narrative as Master Odor Removal being the choice for an odor elimination service.

We Were “Green” All Along

It turns out after all these years we were following a green path in the normal course of our business operations – so why not become green certified?  With these ideas in mind, Master Odor Removal is setting a new standard in our niche business. We believe that this type of certification and change is not only good for business and our planet, it’s essential. And we are proud to be one of the first odor removal companies to set the standard. We are proud to have been accepted by the Green Business Bureau as a Platinum Member for our green initiatives and practices this year. Green business is smart business. Going green provides bottom line cost savings, as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It allows Master Odor Removal to act proactively to address new environmental requirements from vendors and suppliers, and clients while getting ahead of upcoming legislation. A solid environmental program also attracts the highest quality people and clients to our company and keeps those that we have happy and healthy.

Green is the New Black – Growing Business Through Environmental Stewardship.

Green is the new black – and in today’s eco-conscious market, environmental sustainability equals economic sustainability. The business case for going green is compelling – increased sales, exposure to major new markets, cost savings, employee engagement and government funding – all combine to create financial success.

Despite the economy being up and down, people still want green:

  1. Four out of five people say they are still buying green products and services today
  2. 19% say they are buying more green products
  3. Spending in the eco-friendly products and lifestyle market is estimated at almost $300 billion in the U.S. today
  4. Shoppers are three times as likely to pay a premium for a product that will save them money on electricity bills later on

The green market is still growing – increase of 7.3 million green consumers since 2006. Green consumers are willing to spend a premium (usually up to 20%) on green products and services over non-sustainable alternatives. Sales of organic and all natural products have increased 18% to 25% per year for five consecutive years. Being green is a part of a new “wave” of planetary consciousness and at Master Odor Removal we take great pride in our efforts to keep mother earth safe!



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