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Master Odor Removal – Oahu Nationwide Odor Removal Service with Verified 5 Star Reviews!

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23 Fri 2018 Comments: 0

Master Odor Removal – Oahu opening soon! Finally a white-glove proven odor removal service that is a Green Certified Business on Oahu!

Master Odor Removal™ is a national leader in providing odor removal and neutral interior solutions. MOR’s “white-glove” and green certified business systems offer a 100% Guarantee! We solve auto, home and commercial odor issues such as tobacco, marijuana, food, cooking odors, pet, mildew and air conditioning problems through our corporate and licensee network across the world. Our unique service is non-toxic, non-staining, non-ionic, hypo-allergenic and we never use ozone or toxic cover-ups! Among the recognitions earned by the company: 2014 safer chemistry status; 2014 brought a United State Patent-Pending #61/998,443; launched our home-based business licensing opportunity awarding protected territories to independent licensees; 2106 dynamic re-branding from an established national brand and awarded Green Certification for our business practices. In September 2016, applied to join the United Nations Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses. Our services are direct to B2B and private party clients. A licensed and insured service professional will come to your location and rarely needs more than 2 hours and your interiors are restored to neutral again!


Lisa Wasageshik
2 days ago
I’m absolutely impressed with Alex and his company! I’m new to the area and I had no clue who to call, I found him under my Google search this morning and I called him. I had an electrical fire in my car a month ago and the smell would not …More

Brian Fives
4 days ago
I bought a used car for my daughter’a 16th birthday. I wanted it to be perfect, and it was, except the prior owner was a smoker. Alex came out and did his thing. The car came out smoke free and smelled perfect afterwards. I would highly recommend Master Odor Removal for any sized odor removal project you may have!

J2theM Olson
a week ago
Alex came out himself and totally took care of our recently purchased vehicle. My wife was ready to return the vehicle because the smell of smoke was still there after the dealership supposedly detailed it twice. Alec came out and on the …More

Alex Jones
2 weeks ago
Great work, on time, very clear on what’s done, guaranteed…I would recommend. He’s a very nice guy also.

Ruth Acosta
2 weeks ago
We are very happy with the job Alex did on my son’s car it had a odor of cigarettes, he is very professional on time and now after the treatment on my son car it no longer has that cigarette smell. …More

Raymond Weisbein
3 weeks ago
Alex was great. My daughter called him Sunday morning at 11 am to explain the problem we had with my new 2018 Lexus. I spilled gasoline in the rear area during hurricane Irma. For months I tried everything to get the gas odor our of the …More

Erica Johnson
a month ago
Older home that we moved into that had previous smoker and pets. The smells were ​there ​until we reached out to Master Odor Removal. Alex was able to use the hypoallergenic system ( as we have children ) and within a few hours we came home …More

Rob Clouse
a month ago
From the second we spoke to the owner Alex on the phone I knew this was a company that really cares for its clients. Excellent service & priced right! Definitely recommend this company.

emily frias
a month ago
Outstanding service! Our closing was delayed because of unforseen circumstances and Alex was so accommodating. He even came at 6 AM on a Sunday morning to make sure all the smells were gone before the furniture arrived. The home we …More

Eleonora Depalma
a month ago
Thank you so much for your precious help once again.The apartment was treated professionally and with outstanding & unbelievable results …More

2 months ago
Odor Inspection. Very informative & helpful.

rob nevins
2 months ago
Thanks for the quick turnaround for our rental property, amazing process and very reasonable! The realtor has already commented on the new “neutral”. Thanks again.

Jim Ramsay
2 months ago
I have never seen something that looks so simple in application tackle such a HUGE odor problem! Just smells neutral. Thank you Alex!

Kaley Bevins
2 months ago
My cat urinated in my brand new 2017 4Runner and Master Odor Removal came within 45 minutes of calling them and removed the odor from the upholstery within 30 minutes. I’m extremely impressed with the results and professionalism. Not a …More

Althea Morgan
2 months ago
I desperately needed a company to remove the ‘still’ lingering nicotine & pet urine odor from a home that had previously (I thought) had been treated to remove those odors. Alex came through for my clients, one with severe allergies’. Thank you Alex!

Maria Mercedes Tenorio
2 months ago
It was a great experience seeing Alex inspecting the property and explaining everything about the problem he found that cause the odor inside. He was so kind and have a great sense of humor too. I truly recommend him to other homeowners or …More

2 months ago
Very professional, with exceptional customer service. Alex solved the mystery odor from my son’s car and trust me, it was one of the worst odors I’ve ever come across!!! Highly recommend his company

Sammy Scalera
3 months ago
WOW!!! I bought a trailer from 1998 with water damage and a musty odor for my hunting …More

Roxy Rockstar
3 months ago
My cat came home the other night with a broken leg. So, on my way to the vet, in the middle of the night, while in the back seat of my car, he peed. Of course, I was most concerned about his health and well being, but, I would be lying if …More

Alan Gldstein
3 months ago
Had rodent odors. MOR found the problem in my attics and sprayed the odors away. Did a great job. Alan in Delray Beach FL

Leigh Price
3 months ago
Outstanding service from Alex……not a trace of tobacco or anything else in the car any more. A+++

Aracelis Torres
3 months ago
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Aracelis for your review of the dog issues we serviced in your large West Boca home for rent! Glad we could help take the worry away prior to showing it again. Best- Alex

Jane Williams
3 months ago
Excellent- very happy with results

Danny Eliyahu
3 months ago
Definitely eliminated the strong and strange odor in my Mercedes! I even used this service for my family members cars right after they saw how awesome my car smelled!!!

Leslie Magno
3 months ago
Awesome service professional. I highly recommend this company.Im extremely happy.Alex was able to get rid of the cigarette smell in one hour. I was never able to get rid of the smell until now. Alex was honest and professional and made me extremely comfortable I will recommend him to all my friends

Kyle Barnett
3 months ago
Provided a very professional service! Took care of the odor in no time! Will be using them again.

Judith Stern
3 months ago
Great service!

Carrie Brousseau
3 months ago
I have recommended them to friends and I will definitely be calling them back if my partner starts smoking again!

Johnny Grimes
3 months ago
Our Hollywood home had a tree go through a portion of the roof during Irma, after the fix the leak created a real mildew smell, though we could not see it. Called them and the next day they did their process, and a free A/C treatment smells back to normal. Reasonable, and professional.

William A. Boyd
3 months ago
Fast and friendly. Thanks.

Bailee Anderson
3 months ago
I purchased a BMW which had a horrible cigarette smell which was killing my allergies, so I took it back to the BMW dealer and they attempted to remove the odor twice, which did not work. I had decided to trade in the car when I stumbled …More

Donna Lynn Humbert
3 months ago
***** Awesome results!

Joseph Hunt
3 months ago
If you want an honest, expert, green and competitively priced service provider, give these guys a call. Alex taught me as I watched him do the odor elimination being done. Cool process. We had tried numerous other products to get rid of the …More

Christina Gallagher
3 months ago
I initially reached out to Master Odor Removal to ask questions because I was unhappy with the quality of work done by a carpet cleaning. My husband spoke with Alex on the phone and he answered all of our questions, made an appointment next day and got the cat odor out very quickly. Been 2 week still smells fresh.

Dale Harnden
3 months ago
Had our entire home deodorized and they got a stale pet smell out of the A/C for free. We were having comments during our condo open house and our agent suggested some tough love. Looking forward to the next showing. Thanks!

Cheryl Patten
3 months ago
Found this business on Yelp and booked via their web page very happy with the results and Alex’s hard work.

Elsie Hernandez
4 months ago
The owner answered our intitial call for help in elimination of a strong cigarette odor in our rental condo and after smelling what bad shape it was in, he still guaranteed everything. I would definitely use him again. Trust is everything!

Gary Mann
4 months ago
A odor removal company – who knew – googled something odor removal for car to find Master Odor Removal in Boca. Our “new” pre-owned Bentley had a cigar like smell. They were reasonable and he was very detailed – it worked – is what I’m trying to say here Recommend.

Jamie Hills
4 months ago
Alex just finished my condo, emergency done on Thanksgiving morning!I had two tenants just move out who were pretty rough and left bad food odors. Master Odor Removal worked the neutral magic t heir website talks about and lived up to their reputation overall the quality of service and customer service is a 10 not just a 5

Alexa Lily
4 months ago
Alex was on time, great communication, and did an excellent job. Thank you!

Morgan Giles
4 months ago
From the moment that made my first phone call down to the minute that the service was completed, I felt completely comfortable and knew that I was working with experts who knew how to do their job well. Definitely would work with them again if I ever needed.

Laurie Schecter
4 months ago
Thank you for the 5 star review Laurie.

Uri Man
4 months ago
Did a great job getting rid of smoke smell in my home. A tenant was smoking cigarettes in the house. Now the home smells like new again. Thank you.

Glen Omanson
4 months ago
Great service, Alex was able to come out the next day to remove the cigarette smell from my car. Only took an hour, very convenient!

Adam Curtis
4 months ago
As a realtor with a listing that had a cat issue and the buyer arriving site unseen. Master Odor Removal handled the odor problem effectively and professionally.

Linda Hampton
4 months ago
Great business and great customer service. I first called Alex. He explained everything to me on the phone. Super happy with their services!!!

Timothy Burger
4 months ago
This is a veteran owned business that came out the same day that I called and stuck to their quote over the phone. We had about 3000 square feet that was serviced in roughly 2 hour and dried rapidly. The whole place was left smelling good. …More

Hank Nataupsky
4 months ago
I had a tough fish and water musty odor which Alex took his time and did any possible area in my vehicle which was affected. Great job

mara gonzalez
4 months ago
Master Odor Removal ,in Boca Raton was a breath of fresh air. I had the bad experience of getting my Mercedes Benz stolen and had to purchase another vehicle,that was a year old and had a Smokey smell to it. I was hesitant at first to have …More

Andrew Tilden
1 review
4 months ago
I’m a yacht broker with Gilman Yachts in Ft. Lauderdale. In this competitive, cut-throat, industry, I’m always looking for an advantage to show value to my clients; I just discovered Masters Odor Removal – which gives me a real edge. Here’s …More

Bruce Kaplan
4 months ago
Alex devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to locate a problem odor that was extremely difficult to find. Also, I truly appreciated his genuine concern. A real professional!

Stanley Hertzog
5 Months ago
U have odor Call this guy, trust me call this guy. Had a 4 bedroom unit for sale after a tenant moved out with bad animal, cat urine. I could not get out . Tried many treatments , threw out carpet , threw our flooring . Still was just as …More

Sarae Stander
8 months ago
“I wanted to thank Master Odor Removal and Alex for the utmost in professional service odor removal service in our Boca Raton home. Anyone who owns a Shitzu knows that the house training is questionable. We have a new dog that is constantly …More

alex Green
a year ago
I was getting so frustrated by carpet cleaners and other non-specialists odor removal businesses who promised to remove odors from our home for sale and then wasting my money and time. We lost some good prospects after we were told the …More

Ike moll
a year ago-
I went online and found Master Odor Removal for some pet smells in our home. We already had another company clean our carpet and while they got rid of some stains and traffic dirt, the problem odors were still there. With the holidays …More

Master Odor Removal
1 review
a year ago
Was referred to us by a friend who had their vehicle serviced. We have a pet issue and did not feel the carpets needed to be changed with all the trouble and expense, so we called and they gave us a free estimate and great price and a 100% …More

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