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Master Odor Removal Licensees and the Odor Removal Business

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19 Wed 2017 Comments: 0

Have you been thinking about how to grow your home-based business, doing cleaning, auto detailing, or just looking for a less labor intensive opportunity with no limit to your income goals. Need an unlimited customer base? Or are you new being your own boss and need an industry for your best chance of success? Owning a Master Odor Removal license might be the solution.

Below, three of our current licensee owners explain why they joined Master Odor Removal to create or expand their own successful businesses. Exclusive products and streamlined systems are just some of the advantages a Master Odor Removal license.

Direct Odor Removal Services vs Passive Ozone Machine 2

James Ramsay, Master Odor Removal – Stillwater, MN

James Ramsay wanted to escape the 25 years in flood and fire restoration and long hours as a building engineer in downtown Minneapolis. He wanted to spend more time with his family and tame the hectic commute to the Target Corporate Headquarters in downtown Minnesota, so he researched home-based business opportunities.

“I remember when the Masters Odor Removal opportunity was presented to me, I was told of the ease and simplicity of the business. It was hard to imagine that something so simple and easy could yield such returns in such a short amount of time. I have since come to learn it is just that, it is so simple and easy, there is no hard labor involved whatsoever and within my first week in the field I was already making money. The thing that surprised me the most is how simple it is to generate business, nobody likes odors and there is little to no other businesses out there that specialize strictly in odor removal. There is no cleaning involved, the process literally takes minutes but the payout is substantial. I have been involved in other businesses and have done quite well but never have I seen a business that involves such minimal training, with such ease and simplicity with the potential to earn such high income. I absolutely love this business and I enjoy going to work every day!”

Ed Brookes Master Odor Removal – Highlands Ranch, CO


Formerly an Air Force Veteran, an electronics and home improvement professional, Ed Brookes was able to scale up his business by scaling down the physical effort of his roofing responsibilities and the timeline and size of his projects. He now focuses on luxury home real estate, upscale apartment complexes and auto dealerships in his protected territory.

“I am proud to be a Licensee with Master Odor Removal servicing the Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree areas in Colorado. Master Odor Removal is a great business opportunity. With the training provided it was easy to learn how to approach and win potential clients. The process to properly service vehicles, homes, and apartments was quick and easy to learn. Business has steadily increased since I started. As I ran into new odor issues I have received great support. I joined a local realty association which gives me access to large number of realtors. I have received referral business from realtors that has increased my business success. I have also become an approved vendor for a large apartment management company. There is a wide variety of businesses that can benefit from the services provided. This is a great business opportunity. Building your business is easy and rewarding!”

Rick & Margaret Weber, Master Odor Removal – Pearland, TX


Rick and Margaret Weber were owners of a large insurance brokerage firm and had retired. After two years they had the feeling to get back into the business world. Being entrepreneurs in the past they researched many home-based opportunities and found Master Odor Removal and were truly excited. They launched within three weeks of being approved for a Protected Territory license

“After retiring from my career I began looking for an opportunity to supplement retirement and secure the future. Two years later I came across Odor Masters USA and got excited. Best of all my wife became excited and we invested in a license. After training, our comfort level is high as we see the future from a different angle. The process is simple, the profit potential is high and the entire organization is first rate. Licensees from across the country have offered to assist me if needed and I feel a part of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs. This may well be the best financial decision I have ever made!”

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