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Master Odor Removal – Las Vegas

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12 Sat 2017 Comments: 0

Master Odor Removal. Neutral is the New Scent Standard! And that is what we deliver as odor removal experts in tobacco odor removal, marijuana odor removal, food / cooking odors removal and pet odor removal expertise is critical for hotels, auto dealerships, apartment complexes, gyms, offices and various other commercial interiors, for the businesses and of course we will always help with private party needs. We offer a 1 hour turnaroud with a patent-pending 2-Step System that has a 100% Guarantee.

Our Las Vegas location has already achieved a Green Business Certification and is operated by our licensee who is an experienced property management professional and realtor!

Conversely, lacing the air with fragrance has long been a strategy for appealing to casino visitors, but it’s within the past few years that the process of coming up with that perfect bouquet started to involve CSI-like analysis. Casinos are more than willing to take the extra effort: Research shows that odors have an enormous impact on gambling habits. In a study conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch, the director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, spending at Vegas slot machines odorized with a fruity, floral mixture saw a whopping 45 percent increase over ones without a sweet scent. “The odor might have given people a more optimistic perception of being successful,” he says. “Or it could have made them more relaxed and less anxious.”

That study was completed back in 1995, four years after the gaming industry’s leading scent marketer and provider, “Back when we started, the idea of bringing scent into a resort sounded crazy,” says Neal Harris, president of the LA-based company. “But we figured out that with the right aroma, you can neutralize smoke and any unpleasant odors to create a fresh, clean experience that invites people to spend more time and relax.”

Since this is a special market for our company, we thought it would be fun to list some fun facts about this iconic city!


Las Vegas is nicknamed “Sin City”, due to some shady nightlife and legalized prostitution.More than 30 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year; 5,000 new residents call this place home every month and with the new legalization of marijuana, we proudly are returning to the market where we first serviced most of the auto dealerships and realtors over 20 years ago, under another brand.

  • 80,000 flowers are used in the current display at Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory
  • Las Vegas is not actually in Las Vegas, It’s actually in Paradise Nevada
  • The first Jerry Lewis/Muscular Dystrophy Telethon ever was held there on Sept. 6, 1971.
  • The Oldest Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is the Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. Opened in 1906
  • Year first casino was licensed 1931
  • Current number of licensed gambling places in Las Vegas 170
  • Approximate number of Las Vegas city residents 603,000
  • Approximate number of Clark County residents 2,200,000
  • Number of slot machines in the city 197,144
  • Annual visitors to Las Vegas, in millions 36.7
  • Percentage of visitors from Southern California 25
  • Percentage of visitors who say they come to Vegas mainly to gamble 5
  • Percent of visitors who end up gambling during their stay 87
  • Hours per day average visitor spends gambling 3.9
  • Annual state gaming revenue, in billions of dollars 9
  • Percent of Nevada’s general fund fed by gaming-tax revenue 43
  • Average gambling budget per trip, in dollars 559
  • Number of people moving to Las Vegas annually 60,000
  • Average monthly apartment rent, in dollars 631.22
  • Average price for an acre of land in the Valley, in thousands of dollars 161
  • Price for a prime acre of land on the Strip, in millions of dollars 11
  •  Number of hotel rooms 124,270
  • Average number of pillowcases washed daily at MGM Grand 15,000
  • Average nightly room rate, in dollars 66
  • Average length of stay, in nights 3.7
  • Number of conventions hosted annually 3749
  • Average number of Vegas weddings per day 315
  • Percentage of county’s population over 24 years old with college degree 13.8
  • Percentage of residents who claim to be religious 82.2
  • Percentage of population registered to vote 42.2
  • Percent of Nevada land owned by the federal government 87
  • Paved roads in Nevada, in miles 5429
  • Dirt or gravel roads in Nevada, in miles 33,010
  • Nevada’s population growth since 1990, in percentage 83.3
  • Nevada’s prison-population growth since 1990, in percentage 100.4
  • State’s nationwide rank in gold production 1
  • Cost of Nevada marriage license, in dollars 35
  • Average cost of filing for divorce in Nevada, in dollars 450

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