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Master Odor Removal – Las Vegas

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15 Tue 2017 Comments: 0

OFFICIAL WELCOME! To Michele Brown who is now our newest licensee – launching Las Vegas in late August! Michele is a seasoned real estate professional AND owns a property management services business. Her unique entrepreneur background, professional acumen and perspective in this market can not be understated. Michele is going to be able to take over with gusto starting as an Executive Model. Welcome to the group and we are proud Michele / company are going to be representing our brand! 

From Michele, ” I have been in search of the perfect “business opportunity” for the past several years where I can choose to work the business or have a staff that works the business and I reap the rewards.  When I discovered Master Odor Removal, I knew this was the one.  Simple, easy and necessary.  Every Las Vegas business needing a neutral scent impression for their customers and clients is our customer. Who likes smells?  No one! In a world where safe is of the utmost importance to everyone when it comes to their health and the safety for their employees again this is the perfect business opportunity.  My 26 years of being in Las Vegas and working within the Real Estate industry where “smell” is everything, I have found the perfect solution for even me as a customer and business owner.  I am so excited to Master Odor Removal expanding into the Las Vegas territory where we can service auto dealerships, hotels, homes for sale, yoga studios, apartment complexes, offices, and various commercial properties – the opportunities are endless!”

Neutral is the New Scent Standard!

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