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    If you are not satisfied with our odor neutralization services, you can request another service for the original odor problem. At Master Odor Removal we have only one metric – that you are satisfied within reason and seven days post-treatment with the value you receive. If our chemical process cannot reach it, we do not guarantee it. We normally do not normally service mattresses, clothing, mothballs, pesticides, strong curry, skunk and some furnishings. We do not guarantee if recommended replacements are not adhered to; if there are mitigating circumstances or reintroduction of the odor(s) or odor(s) are not present on follow-up inspection or if client applies another process after our treatment prior to our re-inspection. If you have a chemical sensitivity we will have you smell the products and use at your own risk. Additional service fee may be required due to travel and / or expired guarantee term.

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